Car services

The Scope of a Car Service

Like any other machine that needs to be maintained, we all understand how important it is to look after your car. More important so, because cars are expensive, and are bought with the intention of lasting a long time.

Once a car gets designed, service manufacturers specifically design a service schedule for new cars, which serves much like a guidebook, for the customer to check who their cars’ manufacturer is, when the car was made, about the car brand and model, as well as when it requires maintenance or servicing.

Getting a car service done on a regular basis, will ensure that your car is checked and well-looked after for years to come too. Not having your car serviced according to its service schedule, might have you picking up problems down the line, and could result in flat or an imbalance in pressure on your tires, trouble with your car’s brakes, in the event of not receiving enough oil, and much more.


If you purchase a new or used car, be sure to check the guidebook and plan your car services ahead of time, along with taking note of things such as your kilometres driven in that period that you drive it for before receiving a service.

Some individuals might confuse car servicing with an MOT test, but 75% to 85% of one’s MOT gets covered during your service. It’s not the same thing, and neither of these should be skipped, whatsoever, as this will determine your cars reliability and protect yourself, as well as other drivers, from making an accident with a non-trustworthy car.

If your car has their warranty, you will typically receive a range of services that includes an oil and filter change, a basic service, a full service, as well as a manufacturer service.

What is Included in a Full Car Service

  • Oil and Filter Change – During your car service, your car’s oil and filter will be checked, and the oil in your filter will be replaced. It is one of the most important steps in servicing a car and will also aid in increasing your fuel efficiency.
  • Basic Service – A basic service includes your standard oil and filter change, a visual inspection of the car. The person servicing your car will also check all your cars’ key fluids in the engine, including your brake fluid, antifreeze, steering fluid and washing fluid. The basic check also includes checking up to 35 components of your car.
  • Full Service – Apart from the basic service, a full service also includes 15 to 30 additional checks, to ensure your car is in the best condition possible.
  • Major Service – As the most extensive service check, a major service involves everything that is covered in your car’s full service, as well as replacing your spark plugs, a change of its fuel filters, as well as another service/ wear item, in accordance with the manufacturer’s schedule.