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Benefits Of Fuel Cards

Fuel cards are gaining in popularity as they ensure that it is easier to fuel and keep going on with their work, without any assistance. With everyone opting for fuel cards instead of cash here are some benefits of fuel cards:



They remove the need for cash.

One of the main features for fuel card is to eliminate the need for drivers to carry cash. It is a safer way to travel long distances without the need for carrying large amounts of money as it ensures that all your money safe in the card and does not get lost or stolen.

Reduces the amount of admin for your company

Every business can reduce the amount of paperwork with the introduction of fuel cards as every transaction is handled through one card, which involves invoice listings, and no use of paper receipts. The fleet management fuel cards make it easier for the company to know what and where was the transaction registered in just a few simple steps.


Have control over your company

Fuel cards give you the option to specify what to be bought and what not to be brought. You can also control the type of fuel used, the distance the fuel card is valid or deciding which station works best. This reduces the chances of fuel frauds, which is later saved in your companies expenses.

Fuel cards offer consistent pricing on fuel

Fuel card enables the company to purchase the fuel at a wholesale price, and this enables significant financial savings. Also allows you to budget the cost more effectively and also be aware of the prices of the fuel before traveling.

Flexibility on forecourts

Fuel cards gives you the flexibility of forecourts as these cards can be used at many sites. This offers flexibility, quick transaction, allows the drivers to get back on the road quickly.


There are many fuel cards, and each and every card has a huge variety of designs and fleet to choose from, but it is important to select the right card to ensure you are getting the best price on the fuel.

Secure Payments

All the fuel cards operate on a PIN system, a lot like credit cards which keep all the payments secure. This gives a sense of security to the driver and the employee and the driver is free to make full payment on time.

Fuel cards offer rewards

Fuel cards offers the company some kind of rewards in the form of supermarket points or other incentives while you are filling your vehicle in a station. Fuel cards also offer fueling systems at different prices; this allows you to plan your journey well beforehand and save some extra cash.

Best portable Tyre inflators

Inflators also called air compressors to have many functions but the most common and known use is for inflating car tires or other household devices which require inflation. Just like any other car equipment, the air compressor should be kept in the garage but then it is one of the accessories you need to think about once a car tire goes flat while on road. The market as well offers very many different air compressor types from where you should make choices on which one to buy. It is important to consider air compressing methods, features and specifications of various air inflators before purchase. The best ranked portable tire inflators include:

 Audew Air Compressor Portable Pump


This inflator strikes balance between its excellent features and the price hence ranked overall best option to go for. The Audew which is 2.65 pounds plugs into the 12V adapter of vehicles directly and its designed in such a way that it is user friendly. Among the key features which the compressor is characterized of is the one-touch activation and auto-shut off functionality which enables the one using it to set correct tire PSI as the compressor runs till the chosen level is achieved. Such a feature helps in controlling over-inflation and hence the compressor is also used to inflate other inflatables. The compressor maximum PSI goes up to 150 as it operates with 10 amps current producing noise level above 60 dBs and hence causes no much disturbance to neighbors. Go to portable tire inflator to know more about this subject matter.


 Kensum Rapid performance AC/DC Portable inflator


This inflator is handheld and it is capable of working with versatility with either your car’s DC or the AC at your home. Its five pounds and it features auto-shut off that aids in alleviating over-inflating concerns. It also has a LCD screen which allows the user determine the PSI preselected level. The featured LED lamp helps in pointing then illuminating the small areas hence offering better visibility of the screen when it is dark. The inflator has grab type of handle which makes it easier to transport and carry around. Its PSI is 90 and it is capable of handling all car types.

EPAuto 12V DC Air Compressor


EPAuto is known as the best budget-friendly option that still offers numerous features. It includes an easy-to-read display which displays PSI information very well and also is directly plugged into the 12V DC cigarette lighter of your car. It has navigation buttons which enable auto-selection of correct PSI for given tires. Therefore, the device will automatically shut itself off once the right pressure or rather preselected pressure is achieved. It has maximum of 100 PSI which makes it ideal for mid-sized and compact SUVs and sedans. There are extra adapters for inflatables, balls among other equipment used in sports with also LED one-touch torchlight which helps brighten up the device when in use at dark nights avoiding compromising of visibility. The 2.17 pounds device is too portable with it 9 foot cable that is able to reach the 4 tires all from one 12V charging destination.

Auto-parts for Cars


The importance of the ability to understand auto parts is grossly underestimated. Since both men and women drive cars daily, and there can at least be one car found parked in your garage, then there is a need raised for you to know what’s under the hood.

While men usually tend to know more about cars, in the modern day, it is necessary for women to get educated too. It will not only increase their independence as women but also allow both them and men, to be able to drive anywhere and in the case of something going wrong, be able to figure out the problem and find a way to solve it.
If not by themselves, then a mechanic, but at least they’ll know enough not to get for something that isn’t wrong with their car, rather than dealing with the problem. Some mechanics can also be extremely unreliable when it comes to women and might even charge them more, as they are not educated about cars and its parts.
Since you’d like to avoid that altogether, do yourself a favour and get to know your car!

The Difference Between Auto Parts and Security System Shopping

When buying new parts for your car, there are two categories to buy from. These include auto parts, as well as the security system of your car.

The auto parts might include hundreds of different parts for your car. These can range from the most important car parts to a single, small cord.

Car security systems will include alarm packages and perhaps new technologically developed ways to keep your car safe.

Auto Parts for Your Engine

Since an engine needs to be replaced every good 5 to 10 years, depending on how well you’ve looked after the car, you’ll be confronted with replacing your engine at least a few times in your life.

Auto Parts

The first important thing to be aware of is whether your car needs a diesel engine, HEMI engine, a rotatory engine, a radial engine or a quasiturbine engine. You can find out from your auto dealer and even ask him for a reliable source to replace your engine, should it break along the line.

Auto parts that will be needed for your engine include superchargers, turbochargers and camshafts. These all influence the performance and speed of your engine. The camshaft can change the engine’s entire behaviour; the superchargers are used to boost the power of your car and turbochargers are used for high-performance cars, such as race cars.

Get to Know How Everything Works in Your Car

When shopping for auto parts, there are a few things you should be aware of. The first thing is, whether you have a manual or automatic transmission, as well as how the clutch works.

You should also know about how your brakes work, how your anti-lock brakes work, your disc brakes and power brakes. Getting educated about how master cylinders work, is also a good idea.

Other than that, get to know your steering, tires and car suspension. It will allow you the optimal confidence to deal with any problem that comes your way.

What is the Difference Between an Interim Service and a Full Car Service?

auto services

When it comes to distinguishing between an interim service and a full car service, there are a few differences, such as full car service being far more advanced than interim services, which are also referred to as basic car services.

When deciding which one you’d like to choose, you must consider how long you’ve had the car, and if it’s not new, how long the person that had the car before you, had it for. You must also consider whether that person took the car for regular service checks, and how well it’s been looked after for.

Depending on what your car needs, you’ll be able to decide which service suits it best. If your car has missed its service dates or isn’t in the best condition, it’s better to book it for full car service, rather than a basic one. When it comes to road reliability, it is something that shouldn’t be compromised by any means.

The Difference Between an Interim Service and a Full Car Service

Interim Service

This type of service is designed for drivers that travel more than 20,000 miles or more a year. These individuals must have their car serviced twice a year but don’t require two full-car services throughout the year.


Interim services include an oil change, along with additional checks and back maintenance. These checks include your tyres, faulty lights, including leaky hoses.

When you visit your garage, a mechanic will fill up your car’s water, as well as brake and steering fluid, when required. An interim service is also referred to as basic car service and includes oil changes, basic maintenance which also includes your tyres, lights and leaking hoses.

Full Service

A full car service includes a broader range of checks for your car and even includes service part replacements, which is not included in an interim service.

The full car services are the perfect car service for those who travel far annually and have mileages that are above and beyond too high.


Tasks included in a full car service:

  • New air filter
  • Oil and filter replacement
  • New fuel filter in diesel engines
  • New spark plugs in petrol engines
  • Removal of brakes and wheels
  • Extensive checks for wear and damage, leaks, a steering system and driveshaft
  • Wheel bearings check for excessive driving
  • Suspension check for wear and damage
  • Brake cylinders, hoses and pipes checked for either leaks or damage
  • Clutch operation check
  • Brake fluid test and replacement if necessary
  • Handbrake operation check
  • Service light reset
  • Exhaust systems check for damage, leaks and corrosion
  • Tyre check for damage, wear and misalignment


The Scope of a Car Service

Car services

Like any other machine that needs to be maintained, we all understand how important it is to look after your car. More important so, because cars are expensive, and are bought with the intention of lasting a long time.

Once a car gets designed, service manufacturers specifically design a service schedule for new cars, which serves much like a guidebook, for the customer to check who their cars’ manufacturer is, when the car was made, about the car brand and model, as well as when it requires maintenance or servicing.

Getting a car service done on a regular basis, will ensure that your car is checked and well-looked after for years to come too. Not having your car serviced according to its service schedule, might have you picking up problems down the line, and could result in flat or an imbalance in pressure on your tires, trouble with your car’s brakes, in the event of not receiving enough oil, and much more.


If you purchase a new or used car, be sure to check the guidebook and plan your car services ahead of time, along with taking note of things such as your kilometres driven in that period that you drive it for before receiving a service.

Some individuals might confuse car servicing with an MOT test, but 75% to 85% of one’s MOT gets covered during your service. It’s not the same thing, and neither of these should be skipped, whatsoever, as this will determine your cars reliability and protect yourself, as well as other drivers, from making an accident with a non-trustworthy car.

If your car has their warranty, you will typically receive a range of services that includes an oil and filter change, a basic service, a full service, as well as a manufacturer service.

What is Included in a Full Car Service

  • Oil and Filter Change – During your car service, your car’s oil and filter will be checked, and the oil in your filter will be replaced. It is one of the most important steps in servicing a car and will also aid in increasing your fuel efficiency.
  • Basic Service – A basic service includes your standard oil and filter change, a visual inspection of the car. The person servicing your car will also check all your cars’ key fluids in the engine, including your brake fluid, antifreeze, steering fluid and washing fluid. The basic check also includes checking up to 35 components of your car.
  • Full Service – Apart from the basic service, a full service also includes 15 to 30 additional checks, to ensure your car is in the best condition possible.
  • Major Service – As the most extensive service check, a major service involves everything that is covered in your car’s full service, as well as replacing your spark plugs, a change of its fuel filters, as well as another service/ wear item, in accordance with the manufacturer’s schedule.

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